Freedom Debt Relief and Debt Consolidation Care

The facts behind Debt Consolidation Care and their online "community forum."

Debt Consolidation Care claims to be a forum where people share their knowledge and complaints regarding debt-related issues.

In late 2007, the founders of Freedom Debt Relief noticed that several individuals – some claiming to be current clients, others claiming to be former clients – were posting outrageous and inaccurate information about the company. Several high level employees, including FDR's co-CEO, personally posted responses inviting all of the individuals who felt wrong to contact the company directly, and even provided a toll-free phone number. *

Freedom Debt Relief continued to post information on Debt Consolidation Care’s website until mid-2009, as to make clear their intention to resolve any alleged grievances. Since all of the forums members have aliases or post as "Anonymous," the company has no way of reaching these "clients" other than repeatedly posting invitations to resolve these issues along with the company’s contact information.

Despite the numerous personal invitations from FDR's co-CEO and others, not one of the supposedly unhappy "clients" came forward to seek a resolution to their purported issues. This lead the company to the conclusion that the individuals claiming to be clients on the Debt Consolidation Care "community forum" were made by those trying to damage FDR's reputation, most likely low-level competitors who hoped to draw potential customers away from FDR by posting fraudulent claims of dissatisfaction.

*In keeping with the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, Freedom Debt Relief's toll-free customer service number connects callers to FDR's specially-trained debt relief agents – all of whom are U.S. professionals. FDR does not use overseas call centers. In fact, the majority of the company staff works at the headquarter office in San Mateo, CA, - which is located in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area, which is renowned for its highly-skilled work force. Of course, this geographical region is one of the most expensive in the world to hire employees, (hence why you seldom encounter companies with customer service departments located in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area), but Freedom Debt Relief believes that hiring quality employees is vital to ensure client satisfaction.

This wealth of human resources has won Freedom Debt Relief numerous awards and accolades, including being named as a "Best Place to Work" in several independent surveys.

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